One of a Massage Type

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of many different physical massage and therapy techniques from simple stroking and stretching therapy to strong massage pressure if want another type of massage there is what we call trantic massage in Chelsea and even tantric massage SW3. All of these type of massage as well as regular Shiatsu massage therapy helps relaxation, improves the circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Recently, routine massage therapy has been recognized as a simple way to maintain both good health and mental happiness. Shiatsu encompasses a great deal more than simple practice of Shiatsu massage therapy. The theory deems that each person is responsible for their own health and must take active steps to ensure their own fitness and well-being. In China, a doctor wasn’t paid to give treatment to ill people but to keep a person healthy. Becoming ill was considered a failure by the doctor and the patient expected to be treated for free. Unlike present western medicine focused on curing illness, Chinese health care was preventive.

Very little in life remains constant – things are either improving or getting worse. If we do not take positive steps to support if not improve our well being, our health will decline and we will eventually succumb to disease or illness necessitating a visit to the doctor. With the development of the latest Popular 2000E (2002 model) massage therapy chair you can now benefit from regular Shiatsu massage therapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

Developed to reproduce both the touch and pressure of a Shiatsu Master to bring you all the health benefits of massage therapy while you relax and watch the TV or work at your computer – feel the tension and stress disappear as you run through the Shiatsu massage therapy program. After a week of regular massage therapy you will begin to notice a general improvement in your well being. Continued massage therapy will lead to reduced stress levels and slowly improving health.